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Hey Sweaty Yogis

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Welcome 🤸‍♀️ to my little corner of the inter-web

For those of you that have been with Sweat & Yoga for a while – welcome back!

Lemme give you a super quickie re-cap of what’s the happy haps around this joint

I’m Suncana – Resident body nerd here 🙌 … I’m a movement teacher that loves to find new ways to move and shake body mind and soul, am uber obsessed w sassy graphic t’s, warm drinks, essential oils and am forever aspiring to be a #movementninja

I want to help you crave the gym by connecting body mind and soul ya feels girl? This place is for the ones who are #soyogi but also #alilkanye

If you have ever felt out of place in the intensity of the fitness world {but you like to lift the iron} or the woo woo of the spiritual/yogi world { but you like a good body mind soul connection} then you have landed in the right place my friend!

If you’re anything like me this little dilemma has def left you feeling a lil hesitant to head to the gym- feelin’ a little lost and a little resistance which eventually leads to a downswing in training and the dreaded 2 weeks off and thennnnn you’re right back to square 1- ya feels?

Not knowing what to do next and how to connect to body mind and soul is how we end up in that dang place. We end up being unhealthy just because of decision paralysis and this need to do everything – do all they yoga and lift all the weights.

Have no fear – Sweat & Yoga is hurr

If you’ve ever found yourself on the #ripped bandwagon for 21 days only to plop off hard and hit your head on every branch on the way down. Then do nothing for 2 weeks and feel like you’re starting at ground zero well then you’re in the right place. If you’ve ever found yourself super drawn to the #soyogi on insta w the crystals and the sage for a few weeks cause you feel #soconnected but then the week after you’re looking up all the best #bootyinspo and heavy lifters then you’re mos def in the right place. I want to unpack all of that. I’m still farrrrr from perfect but I’ve learned a thing or 2 along the way fo sho.

The key at Sweat & Yoga is connecting to and learning about the body mind and soul.

Keeping things interesting and fun while setting up healthy habits for life.

So eventually you CRAVE the gym and the movement 💪

Dat’s what I’m talkin bout.

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