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Hey Sweaty Yogis

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10 brownie points to you if you know/love & remember that song πŸ™Œ!

Okay but enough Baby Bash… Back to connecting and working the body mind & soul

Welcome πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ to my remodelled corner of the inter-web

For those of you that have been with Sweat & Yoga for a while – welcome back!

If you have ever felt out of place in the intensity of the fitness world {but you like to lift the iron} or the woo woo of the spiritual/yogi world { but you like a good body mind soul connection} then you have landed in the right place my friend!

We had a little mini Hiatus while we got some new things rollin & organized!

And let me tell you….Guys I am SO EXCITED for the new stuff happenin’ here πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ!
The YouTube channel has been doing well and I needed to throw some new stuff into the mix {in the best way possible obvi}

As a forever yoga clothing/ graphic t-shirt fiend and essential oil junky I wanted to bring together some of the best clothing and alternative body connection products there is out there.

The problem I came across was that some companies were great – some were consistent- some were inconsistent – some of the stuff I got was amazing and some was just plain junk. I wanted {more needed} to have better control over what kind of stuff I was putting out to you guys- I care about the Sweat & Yoga community too much to just give you any old thing πŸ™……..

SO…. πŸ₯ drum roll please πŸ₯….

We launched a store….
For Β Sweat & Yoga
Come check it out!

We will have leggings and shirts {like this 90’s love one ✌️ } and eventually we will throw in some essential oil and packages.

The goal is to make connecting and working the body mind & soul – fun and sustainable for our millennial generation.

So we want to provide all of the products- in one place that will make that easier!

With the addition of the store we will be changing up some of the series as well!

Move your body Monday is now going to be Mind Your Being Monday– fits more topics that we want to cover. There will still be more anatomy and physiology but connection& working will take centre stage.

Have no fear – Flow Friday is still here….

But come September we may be adding a few new series into the mix- {they are still in the works}.

If you have any requests/questions/comments – please leave them in the comments or hit reply to any of the e-mails {if you are not the list} so I know what kind of content you like/want to see more of!

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