full body 20 minute AMRAP

Super Dee Duper Quick 20 minute Full Body AMRAP

Yo Sweaty Friend

So some changes are a brewin’ – but really what else is new. This brain 🙈 just keeps movin new things into this inter-web it’s hard for me to even keep up.

Lemme tell ya bout dat new stuff.

I’ll try and make it super quick since let’s not kid ourselves you’re probs just here for the quick 20 minute full body AMRAP amirite? If I am and you could care less bout the changes I am about to tell ya then just scroll to the bottom – and download the pic so you can have it on your phone and voila!

Are ya still w me?

If you are – oh hey girl heyyyyyy – whatddup?


A few weeks ago I polled all the insta peeps {ps shameless plug comin at ya if you aren’t following me on the gram click here and get to it girlfriend } and the results overwhelmingly said “Yoga is nice but GIMME ALL DA WORKOUTS YO” and I got to thinkin’ when I was first trying to make exercise a habit what I did I felt I need more of – obvi the answer was infographics doiiiiii and some structure and Since this blog isn’t just for yoga its for dem sweat as well I figured let’s do tis thang  put some workouts together and therefor

Motivation Monday was born

I thought I’d ease you in ya feels?

AMRAPs are mos def one of my fave ways to work out – esp if I’m short on time cause 20 min- heart rate pumpin – gasping for some air and muscles burnin why natttt 💪💪?

Let’s get to today’s shall we?

For those of you that don’t know AMRAP stands for As Many Reps As Possible – pretty simple. The rules of play are just that you have a grouping of moves and you try to repeat the sequence as many times as you can in a given timeframe – only stopping if you’re really feeling like you may die – hahaha so not #soyogi eh? but if you’re doing it mindfully- who’s to say that a full body AMRAP can’t be #soyogi? I call an objection on the whole “this is/isn’t yoga” terminology {but that’s a much lengthier post or video fo a later day – I’ll spare you for now}

Sometimes I am super short on time on Monday’s since we try to go hit up an adventure on Monday’s as our day off so I love getting this workout in since it is mos def super easy and hits all the areassss

Lemme break it down like we’re wearing apple bottom jeans 😜:

You’ve got 5 moves. 20 minutes. Set an alarm and let’s get at it!

Move Numero Uno: The Clean & Press

So with this little gem you want to start off w the kettlebell on the ground- flip it onto your shoulder and then mini squat and push to bring the arm straight overhead. A lil somethin’ somethin’ to remember is to keep your core tight to avoid flaring your chest when you bring the arm up. Ain’t nobody got time for a shoulder injury ya know? { as per usu I’ll do a full post – or more likely video on chest flaring and the likes for moves like this but for now make sure you do your best to keep your ribs stacked straight over your pelvis like it’s a funnel }- repeat this 8 times and then switch sides

Move Numero Tow {since that’s where my Spainsh language skills end lolz} : ALT Arm Kettlebell Swing

For this move you are doing a basic kettlebell swing but with one arm and using the mini pause at the top of the swing to switch arms. Again remembering that the core is one of the main things that’s keeping this from being something akin to bambi on ice trying to stabilize as the momentum of the kettlebell moves ya- so dee the core engaged. – Do 10 on each arm for a total of 20 yo ✌.

Move Number Three: Plank Toe Taps

This is a pretty straight forward move. Starting in a basic plank {and if you are not sure about your plank make sure you check out the proper form guidelines right hurrrrr in this vid}. Use your abductors {aka your side butt } to bring the leg out to the side and tap the floor. Then use your adductors to bring yourself back into a plank position. 10 on each side for a total of 20 girl!

Move Number Four: Kettlebell Deadlifts

Kettlebell Deadlifts for the full body AMRAP

Here we are workin dem glutes and hammies. To set up keep the kettlebell almost between your toesies. Find your neural back – so no hugeee lower back curve pretty please and pull the kettlebell up as close to the body as you can to stand upright squeezing your buns as you come up and an extra squeeze at the top ya feels? Do 10 of those.

Move Number Five- The Finale: The Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat Exercise for full body AMRAP

Some people call this the kettlebell front squat – I really like calling it the Goblet Squat cause I feel like Harry Potter might come join me in the squatting world one day lolz. Keeping your weight in your heels start standing with he kettlebell in front of you like one big arse goblet. Then shift your hips towards the back of the room keeping your spine in neutral so no chesty chest flare once again. Then stand back up weight still in the heels. Perform 10 of these bad boys.

Once you’ve completed one round go back to the beginning and keep going until your alarm sounds girl!

There ya have it full body workout in just 20 min! Doesn’t get easier to get past the resistance to workout than that eh?

If you’re looking for a little nugget on resistance ps go check out the highlights in the sweat & yoga insta stories highlights – Steven Pressfield’s book has something special to say about resistance and I’ve got some lil extra on resistance and movement

Feel free to save this pic or pin it for easy access to all 5 of the moves for this quick full body AMRAP gurllll.


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