Quick Full Body EMOM

Yo Sweaty Friend! Got 12 minutes? Then ya got time to get this Full Body EMOM out of the way!

Move dat booty.

This may seem like its uber easy but let me tell ya by the 12th min it’s not really feeling that breezy.

Pro tip: If you want to scale it then add 1 to each exercise every minute until you can’t fit any more in or hold a plank to finish off the min 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I’m all about that additional agility duh!

I’ll probs eventually do a  full post on breaking down an EMOM and how I feel about it as an exercise {ps I love it – esp when combined with another workout but that’s beside the point- topic for another time fo sho }.

All you need to know for now is that EMOM stands for:

Every Minute On the Minute

Pretty self explanatory if you ask me

To perform this workout you’re going to want to set a HIIT time of some sorts to go off every minute for 12 minutes OR if you want to go old school you can just keep an eye on the clock. I find it more fun when you can get lost in trying to out ninja the clock and get as many as you can in without knowing how much time you have left!

Here’s the 3 move breakdown

1/ ALT Curtsey Lunge with a Squat

I love this move cause it tends to hit the butt from all the different angles. Start standing and kick one leg back behind your body and across and lower down into a lunge – curtsey lunge to be exact. Move back to stand at centre then come into a bodyweight squat. Then stand back up and do a curtsey lunge squat on the other side for 1 rep. Do that a total of 6 times!

ALT Curtsey Lunge - Fully Body EMOM

ALT Curtsey Lunge - Fully Body EMOM

ALT Curtsey Lunge - Fully Body EMOM


2/ Reverse Lunge to Figure 8 Clap

In this Full body EMOM we are all about the Lunge-ing. Start standing at the top of your mat. Step the right foot back back into a reverse lunge. The shin comes parallel with the floor and your core is engaged by tucking the pelvis under. Bring weight into the right foot as you step to the back of the mat and bring the left knee into your chest. Clap the hands underneath the left knee and then step the left knee forward into a lunge. Step the right foot back to the front of the mat. Then do the other side. This will be one rep. Do this 6 times yo!

ALT Reverse Lunge - Fully Body EMOM

ALT Reverse Lunge - Fully Body EMOM

ALT Figure 8 Clap - Fully Body EMOM

ALT Reverse Lunge - Fully Body EMOM

ALT Reverse Lunge - Fully Body EMOM


3/ Bridge

Move number 3 is a simple bridge. Set up with feet on the floor knees pointing toward the ceiling. Push into the heels and tuck the pelvis under and make sure to squeeze the glutes keeping the pelvis tucked under. You should feel a pretty good stretch in your quads if you engage the glutes at the right angle. Avoid making it backbend city up in hurrrr. Do this lift 8 times.

Now for the rest of that minute you have some options girlfriend!

You can either rest and get ready for the next set. OR you can set it up a notch and do a plank or hang from some monkey bars or chin up bar.

Then repeat this 12 times for a total of 12 minutes!

Like I said earlier girl if you want to step it up a notch you can add a count of 1 to each rep as you go up in minutes until you can’t do anymore in that minute! This makes it more time sensitive and #ninjalike so you know I’m down for that lolz!

If this doesn’t make you want to get your #movementninja on and jump around I don’t know what will girlfriend.

If you are still new to working out then this can be your full workout or you can totes use it as a warmup. The Full Body EMOM is easy peasy to nail down

So grab a mat and get movin

I’ll catch ya next time

💦 Sweat & Radiance

Feel free to save this pic or pin it for easy access to all 5 of the moves for this quick full body AMRAP gurllll.

Quick Full Body EMOM


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