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A while back I was reading about Tim Ferriss’ new book Tribe of Mentors and why he wanted to create this easy reference guide for everyone. Later that same day, I was out and about doing #allthethings and I was listening to some awesome ladies talk all about health and fitness on their respective podcasts. I thought to myself “hmmmm what if I could create a little mini tribe of healthy podcast lady mentors “

Hence this post was born. I figured you’re probs tired of hearing the standard “top 5 health podcasts you should be listening to right now”. Come on guys – everyone knowsssss we should all be listening to podcasts- they’re free personal development doiiii. As long as ya got a phone – you’re all set to podcast away.

Rather than just give you a standard run down of the pods…  I actually got in touch with the awesome ladies behind some of my fave podcasts and asked them if they had one health habit/ tip to give out – what would it be

So without further ado I give you the Top 5 hurrrrr…..

Katie from the Let It Out Podcast

Let it Out is a podcast I discovered way back playback – like probably around 3 years ago. I was just hearing about this brand spankin new thing called a podcast. So I started listening she talks some great stuff. I love the personality that Katie brings about when she talks. Her guests are usually pretty fab I must say so it makes for a great back and forth. My fave episode I would have to say is with Arden Rose from way back in 2016 but I may be a bit bias as someone who is always looking to evolve. Plus I love hearing from other youtubers and not many do podcast interviews what’s up w dat? But that’s a topic for another day fo sho!

Here is what she had to say is her healthy habit:

My healthy habit I can’t live without is walking. Walking everywhere is my favorite part of living in NYC and makes my day feel better since I have little bursts of walking built into my day regardless of what I’m doing. Walking allows me to clear my mind or talk on the phone or listen to a podcast, an audiobook, or music. It’s my favorite form of movement.  – Katie Dalebout from Let it Out @katiedalebout


Cassy from the Fed and Fit Podcast

Ah Fed and Fit’s podcast lady bossy has some super sound advice but before I get to it lemme tell ya a thing or 2 about the pod this gal runs! First off: Can we talk about the name? It’s like she had me as a muse or something. Seriously food and movement = a very very happy Suncana duh.

But on a more serious note this podcast has got it goin on sista. She has episodes on the keto diet, food sensitivity test results, the gluten free debates that are all over the inter-webs. I mean come on she has def covered #allthethings but I must say her latest episode on healthy body reverse interview is da bomb . com Julie’s story/ question of comparison is so enthralling – just uh 🧐 – go on and listen to it you won’t be sorry.

Her sound #healthyhack she can’t live without is:

I’d say that I can’t live without my daily water intake. Even if I haven’t worked out, got a terrible night sleep, or haven’t eaten “well,” I can always drink the water that my body really needs to thrive. Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed and Fit @fedandfit

Katie Dalebout Let it out Health Podcast Health Tip


Lori from the Earn Your Happy Podcast

Lori Hard – This girl! What can be said about her that hasn’t already been said? She’s funny and quirky and it all comes through on her awesome podcast Earn Your Happy. She’s endured so much adversity in her life and she is the first person to admit that she has to choose happy daily. I loveeee her for not just “pretending” that she’s happy all the time. It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking that other people are just born a certain way and things like happiness just come easily to them. Her podcast has so many goodies but if you’re looking for a quick jolt of somethin somethin hit up one of her quickie episodes. Ps! My fave I go back to time and time again is How to let go. It’s like episode 16 so its way back there but so so good.

Her super duper healthy habit she can’t live without:

My can’t live without habit are daily walks and meditation and visualization 🙏 – Lori Harder of Earn Your Happy @loriharder


Steph from Harder to Kill Radio

With a name like Harder to Kill Radio how could the wicked podcast lady behind the mic not be a serious badass – one might even call her a #movementninja and with a  killer squat like hers {check out her insta vids 💪} she mos def is. A some of you may know – I do have an affinity for the #movementninja – well- basically anything so the name of the podcast just pulled at my heart strings right from the get go. Don’t let the name of her pod fool ya though – girl has got some serious self care game in her episodes too. I am not fully caught up but the last episode I listened to with Pay Flynn on how to be a movement generalist was mind blowing. His how do you stay harder to kill answer is awesome and I couldn’t agree more! Be a generalist in most things. It seems to go so against what society tells us but he makes some super awesome points.  I highly encourage you to listen.

Steph’s got lot’s of health things she wants to say but boils it down to her most important for ya here:

There are way too many haha
I take magnesium every night, 30 minutes before sleep. It’s one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies and taking it at night helps me feel relaxed – Steph Gaudreau of Harder to Kill Radio @stupideasypaleoHarder to kill health podcast er Steph

Andrea from the Mindful ( Mostly) Podcast

The finale. This lil number is a newer one on the track but boy am I lovin it. How could you not? She’s hitting all the hot topics – including one of my fave subjects of discussion – Confidence. If you haven’t guessed it yet I def suggest you start with that episode. It’s a meer 21 min but it packs a punch! Check out what the most of Mindful ( Mostly) Andrea had to say was her numero uno healthy habit.

Something I can’t live without is a run in the fresh air. I thank my dog Sophie for getting me out on the days where I just want to be a human potato. It literally changes my day and my mind.  That, and and lemon water. – Andrea of Mindful (mostly) @mindfulmostly

Mindful (mostly) Health Podcast er Andrea


Suncana from Sweaty Yogi Rambles

Although it’s mos def just me rambling in my car at my phone I do have a thing or 2 to say on the topic of health so I thought I would throw the Sweaty Yogi Rambles podcast in the list and give you my fave health tip too cause #whynot

If I had to pick one thing I’d say my healthy habit daily is my daily smoothie/salad. Every day. I make sure for lunch I have a salad or a green smoothie with lots of leafy greens and antioxidants galore. This is what Heath brothers call a black and white goal- either I did it or I didn’t no in betweeners allowed so I’m held more accountable it’s either a yes or a no at the end of the day case closed. – Suncana @suncanasay

What are some of your best healthy habits/tips you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments! Let’s get ideas from one another on how we can step up our health game yo!

top 5 health podcasts share their top health tips


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