Top 10 New Fitness YouTube Channels to Follow

YO! Welcome back sweaty friend 💦! Well also welcome to the first official blog post on this huRR “blog”.

Fo those sistas on here that know me know I’m not so much one w the words {well…. written words – I’ll talk ya ear right off – hence the YouTube channel and not a blog} I wanted to tell you about the top 10 Up and coming Fitness YouTube Channels I have found!

Here’s the thing – I very recently refocused on the Sweat & Yoga channel.

So I wanted to look at other inspiring YouTubers but all I could find were all of the standard ones ERRRRRyoneee knows – the Sarah’s Days, Heidi Somers , Natacha Océanes  and Nikki Blackketter etc. I already knew about them! {and if you don’t those are def the girls to follow for serious inspo! } I wanted new out of the box inspos and vids to watch 🙋!

I don’t know about you but my biggest #cardiohack is puttin on some YouTube inspo stepping on the treadmill and gettin at 🤜 it while all the cool music montages and camera angels unfold during the youtubers workouts. Nothing makes you want to get shredded like watching one of those ladies hammer out a good sweat sesh! I don’t even do the same workouts as them lolz but I love all the cuts and vicarious living through these girls so I set out to find some unconventional up and commer Fitness YouTubers and after a few weeks of searching I have come up w a pretty dang comprehensive list I’d say. But I’m judging my own work and we all know we judge our own work favourably so check out the fitness youtube channels I found for yourself👇!

All of these ladies have less than 5000 subscribers and were kinda sorta hard to find cause YouTube’s algorithm sucks #iaintevensorry youtube friends it does

Who are your faves out of this group or did I miss some you are head over heels for? Lemmenoe 👇

Kale & Krunches

Marlie is someone I have been following on the insta for a while crocodile and a few weeks ago she started a YouTube channel! I am so pumped to watch the content she puts out cause I knowwww it’s gonna be #lit. I just watched her what I eat in a day video and bulletproof coffee for the win fo sho! I also love that in the model vlog she says “thank god for photoshop” not gonna lie I totes agree! Looking on fleek after a long flight or road trip – nopeeee . I’m kinda sorta jelly that she’s already so comfy vlogging but also I love it! Plus bonus she’s a Toronto girl 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 so you know she’s awesome eh {but I may be bias lol}

Best vid thus far 👇

Kathleen Black

I found her a while back on YouTube but didn’t actually super dee duper pay tons of attention until fairly recently when I re-focused on my own channel. I started to watch more and more from different “genres ” cause that gets my creativity juices flowin ya feel me girl?  She has a great bubbly personality and if ya know me you now how much I love all the woo woo and she’s got it – sound healing and all #soyogi✌! Plus she’s a fellow Canadian so ya know #sisters

Best vid in my personal opinion obvi 👇

Trainer Tanner

For someone who is into the #bodybuilding lyfeee I love that she preaches balance- esp in her thanksgiving talk – it’s so refreshing to hear someone on that end of the spectrum talk about not being #macros all day eRRYday. She does a variety of workouts and vlogs and was recently selected as the spokesmodel! Congrats girlllll ! Subscribe to her channel for some needed variety for workin out yo!

Best vid so far {but I’m bias cause #peanutbutterforlyfe } 👇

Maiyah Kenz

Girl is always focused on B-O-O-T-A-Y ! Which obvi makes me happy! I am #allaboutthatbase ! Plus her accent is totes adorbs! I wish I could sound exotic like that – all I do is say eh too much haha – cause #canadianeh . She talks about a variety of things – workouts, clear skin, natural tips {see carbon coca teeth whitening} etc. I found her while I was searching for other booty focused girls and she def doesn’t disappoint!

Best vid thus far #booty 👇

Gemma Stanley

Another girl w a killer accent! I’ve often wondered if the key to being a great YouTuber is in the accent? What do ya think? It just makes everything you say so much more interesting – should I just start putting one on? { I only have one version of an accent and its baddddd hahaha } Anyway! Gemma is killer w her Fearlessly Authentic self yo! I’m def hoping she’s participating in Vlogmas – like she has in the past!  {or vitmas for those of us that only really train and eat lol} Also if you’re in the health and fitness sphere and looking to get a breast augmentation since I am most def not any help w that she’s got a few good vids to do some of your own research – perspective from someone thats done it ya know?

Best vid #myopinionisbest  and also #addictedtoproductivity 👇

Shannon Beer

I stumbled across Shannon’s vids a while back and obvi subscribed to her channel cause its awesome – I love that she lists her full workout in the description – ima need to start doing that fo sho! She was a teensy bit harder to find on insta – {in case you’re wondering she’s hurrrr yar welcome } but once I found her I realized she basically shares all of the same style of stuff on insta as she does in her vids so that’s awesome – but ya’ll know there’s always more to see on Youtube so go on check out her channel! Her last episode is about habits and ya know your girl loves erRythang to do w habits!

Best vid and also her latest vid #healthyhabitsfolyfe 👇

Sophie Grace Holmes

Sophie’s go pro of the half – marathon she ran in October really won me over. I’ve ran a few races in my life including half – marathons and I kinda got a bit emotional watching it – probs cause I haven’t run one in far too long  and I’m having withdrawals 🙈 and I wish I had filmed some of mine when I did them  {there ya get a bit of #emotion out in this post! All the signs just make me so excited } I find race vids so inspiring! Don’t you? Makes me want to jump up and run right meow and its almost 9pm here {aka almost bedtime lolz }. I also kinda sorta feel like Sophie’s style speaks to my heart. I love that her fitness Youtube description talks empowerment and your own capabilities! I feel that everyone has great things inside of them! #soulsistas

Best vid {que emotional breakdown in the Sweat & Yoga Headquarters lolz }👇

Om & the City

Jules is another insta girl I’ve been following for some time and is now YouTubin it uppppp ! She is going to share her food intolerances and gut journey ! I.CANNOT.WAIT. Bah! I loveeee seeing other people’s health journeys. This is actually an idea I have been toying with fo foeva – I may try and hit up some healthy  blogger collabs having them tell their stories in like short mini segment blogs – I dunno just a though! But I am excited to see how Jules’ journey unfolds – {omg that sounds #soyogi }!

Best vid up ta naou👇

Kellie Foster

Kellie is a Keto Toronto friend!! {insert girly squealing noises here } I love when I find Canadian Healthy Friends and there’s TWO on this list woot woot!

I love so many of her keto videos but the one I would love the most is when she talks about her binge eating it really touches my heart – {the intuitive eating in her program also 🙌🙌!} Which also lead her to Keto which I totes agree w her – it’s actually such a satisfying diet for me! And obvi if you’re struggling she encourages you to get some help- we’re all in this world together – you matter

Most touching vid out of all of these ladies thus far gone to👇

Sweat & Yoga

I mean… I’m a bit bias here obvi! But I created this channel because I needed something that merged all of the above channels together! There is so many great woo woo yogis and so many great weight lifting body building sisters- so many great keto girls and intuitive eating and macros but how do we find what works best for us ya feel? Sweat & Yoga is all about making healthy habits fun so real girls can quit dreading dem gym time, dem smoothie time and dem early mornings. Then measuring the results cause ya know #bodygeekingout is my jam. Come on over and let’s do some movement!! Some super fun stuff happening this month including a contest for my legit fave sweater!

My personal fave vid thus far 👇

Dats all for this first and maybe only blog post but if you want more of my ramblings make sure you check out the Sweat & Yoga YouTube channel & sign up for the newsletter so ya get my rambly ramblings in your inbox weekly! Oh and make sure you check all da tings to make sure you are up to date on any giveaways we are runnin runnin { cue black eyed peas theme song here }

Until next time #sweatyfriend



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