✨ 23 minute ✨ Easy Beginner Core Vinyasa ✨ for Diastasis Recti ✨

Hey Mammas & Beginner Yogi sweaters

This is another addition to our beginner yoga series it’s a bit slower moving but I wanted to make sure that it correlated with our talk from Monday .

These are some of the safer {and dare I say helpful} exercises that you can implement if you are dealing with Diastasis Recti – As I mention on Monday’s video – I highly urge you to go see someone and get official assistance with your abdominal muscles after a baby- but once you are clear to move and use your abs this would be a great workout!

For all my beginner sweaty friends,

Welcome – this core movement flow will help you connect to your core muscles so that you can be sure you are playing within the realms of your strengths. This way you can make sure you are always growing and in discomfort in your practices and movement – not in pain! If you’re confused between the difference – check out the video from March about how to get in shape on your own where i go in more depth about why you should be in discomfort and not in pain.

So go on- Pull up a mat & Let’s flow!

Music: www.epidemicsound.com

Shirt: https://shop.lululemon.com/p/women-tanks/Cool-Racerback-II/_/prod8260582?rcnt=10&N=891&cnt=34&color=LW1NI8S_028758

? Sweat & Radiance

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