✨ 25 minute Casual Flow for ✨ Working all the Core Muscles

Hey sweaty omies! ?

Thanks for joining me again for another Core Work Friday!??‍♀️

You know- sometimes I do want to spend a good chunk of my workout on the floor- I get ya girl! That’s why I designed this easy flow that helps you work all the muscles of your core- but you get to be a wee bit lazy about it. {I’m talkin’ spending most of the time on the mat ?}

Although I do throw in some planks- {let’s not kid ourselves it can’t all be full of fun}

However we make up for the planks with some deep twisting and relaxing of the core at the end!

It looks like an easy peasy layin’ on the ground flow but don’t let it fool ya – isolating all of the areas of the core is no easy task – I even tip and teeter sometimes. By incorporating slow, intentional & concrete movements e can hit every corner of the core.

So go on- Pull up a mat & I’ll meet you there!

Music: www.epidemicsound.com

Shirt: https://www.primark.com/en/product/my-little-pony-pj-top,R35397143936040

? Sweat & Radiance

P.S. If you have any requests for videos or questions obviously do drop them down below or catch up with me on instgarm – www.instagram.com/suncanabco and send me a message so I can be sure to cover what you want!

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