30 minute Get to Know Your body Yoga Flow 💪 #bodyconnectbookclub Week 1

Hey Sweaty Friend

Welcome back!

All ball jokes aside {hahah who am I kiddin’? ball jokes aside? Isn’t that what Yoga Tune Up is basically built on? Embodiment and a plethora of ball jokes 🤔🤔}

Anyway- more on point
This week we are just feelin’ things out- getting re-familiarized with the body-mind and soul. Get to know your body.

Really we will be doing this for much of this book/ probs most of this book club.

While the ball rolling and getting in touch with our bodies is difficult and at some times “painful” it really is a bit more relaxed and meant to create awareness.

Before you jump into this class I would like for you to carve out a bit of time to #bodyconnect and answer these questions in your designated journal and then don’t forget to re-answer them once you have gone through the flow!

✨How do I feel in my body right now?
✨What’s stressing me out?
✨What’s going well for me right now?
✨How is my body awareness & my breath?

The whole goal is to get in touch and do some rollin’ rollinn’ around {get it 🤣} and get to know our insides and outsides! So let’s get rollin’ girl

See you on your mat so together we can get to know & love your body mind & soul by making movement fun 🤸‍♂️

💦 Sweat & Radiance



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