Body Awareness- A Story of the Vestibular System- Week 3 of #bcbc

Let’s Talk Body Awareness and the Vestibular System

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This is more #storytime of a time when awareness became super important in well- basically-survival πŸ’ – {to put it in as dramatic of terms as possible 😏 }

My other half had an issue arise when he hit his head and because of his impeccable body awareness when he is on the ice playing hockey he was able to know enough and know that he wasn’t ready to play yet.

Jill Miller- {my wonderful teacher} boldly states {in almost every training I’ve taken or assisted her in}

‘you can give someone the zipcode of where it hurts and the where the pain is but only YOU know the exact address”

Let’s spend the next while decluttering all of the stuff that has made us less aware of what’s going on- and cultivate that impeccable awareness of our bodies – cause you know- life or death situations #dramaqueenoverhere #imkiddingbutimnot πŸ’

Alright girlfriend! I will see you on your mat Friday so together we can get to know & love your body mind & soul by making movement fun πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

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