Core Muscles We Should Worry About If We Sit All Day ☝️

Hey hey hey sweaty friends! ?

I know I know you’ve heard it all- sitting is the new smoking— well then – quit it!

Okay i know its not that easy. {Trust me ☝️- it looked much easier than I thought when I decided to start standing more….} However, this video may help open a few eyes on the things that we are hindering when we are sitting alllllll dayyyyy long!

We create issues in our tissues we don’t even know we are creating!

Often times until we end up hurting ourselves while doing yoga or running or even just bending over and picking up a pillow we don’t even pay any mind to those muscles that are get overused, underused and abused.

Well I am here to help you listen in a little more and understand why we need to move our bodies this Monday!

Grab a cup of tea and have a bit of a listen!

Then make sure you come back Friday to unwind those tissues in the Friday Flow!



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17 thoughts on “Core Muscles We Should Worry About If We Sit All Day ☝️

  1. I am always sitting – editing as well as my office job! Thanks so much for this! I certainly need all the muscle and posture help that I can get!

  2. Loved the video. It gave me so much more insight to the muscles I use (or don’t use haha) and how they all really come together to affect my posture!

  3. Great post! We all know that sitting too much is generally bad, but you did a great job explaining why and what the impact is to our bodies!

  4. I sit a ton when I am working at the computer and I definitely don’t pay enough attention to my posture.
    Been trying to work on my core muscles so this really helps.

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