A Month All ’bout that Booty- Outline of the 💪 Main Glute Muscles 💪

Hey Sweaty Yogis 👋

Welcome to the first #mindyourbeingmonday of July! This month we are talkin’ all ’bout them Glutes- main glute muscles ! 🙊

Booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere!

Booty is having some serious 15 min of fame right now! For good reason though- the 3 Glute muscles move us, groove us, shake us etc….

In order for us to work and fix our gluten we must first know what they are! Heyo!

Let’s talk bout those muscles 🤸‍♂️ {plus a bonus muscle that likes to kick around and affect that area}. We will talk about the origin, insertion & why /when/where we use these buggers!

So go on- grab a cup o joe and let’s talk bout that booty!

✨And if you’ve got any booty focused questions – leave them down below or hit reply to my e-mails!

💦 Sweat & Radiance

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