10 minute quick morning yoga flow

The One With the Quick Morning Yoga Flow | Get Your Body Moving in the Morning

Yo Sweaty Friend! I love to get the body moving so let’s do a Quick Morning Yoga Flow

Welcome back
Have I got a doosey for youhhhh today girlfriend

If you’re short on time but you want to get some morning yoga click play to get your morning movement in.

If you have trouble getting your butt in gear every morn then grab some peppermint and move ya booty!

I’m a firm believer of creating a healthy habit by doing something daily for 66 days fo sho! So if you are loooking to get more yoga in your life – start by creating a habit and doing a flow like this every morning for 6 days girl!

If you are looking for something shorter and just a way to create the habit check out the #exercisehabit challenge 31 days of movement!

Alright girl I’ll pull up a mat and start being the #movementninja I know you’re aspiring to be!

And I’ll catch ya next time so we can connect body mind & soul cause #trendy!

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If you have any pre existing conditions please speak to a Dr. before performing any of these exercises – I always encourage you to drive your own vessel I can’t know what you’re feeling In your body – my goal is to help you get better at hearing it but at the end of the day all of this is up to you and therefore by doing this video you release Suncana and sweat and yoga from any liability.

Quick Morning Yoga Flow - Yoga Video

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