Things you need to know as a yoga teacher or student about bones and the body

The One With The Reasons For Knowing Your Boney Landmarks ☠

Let’s Talk what you should know about bones as a student or teacher of yoga and WHYyyyy girl

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Let’s talk about what you should know as a student or teacher in regards to bones!

I know quite a few teacher that got less than brilliant anatomy education in their yoga teacher training and while they are brilliantly educated in other ways – obvi our bod is always our responsibility cause we ain’t no victim and they can’t necessarily help educate us on what’s happenin if something funky goes down in class!

Far too often I hear things like “oh I did yoga and got hurt” bahhhhh this upsets me so much but the fitness/yoga professionals can hardly be blamed a lot of the time- esp when we don’t know our glutes from our quads often times {before I got into this stuff I was mos def guilty of this 🙋 }

So go on- hit play so we can chat this issue out girl!

Then I will see you on your mat tomorrow so together we can get to know & love your body mind & soul by making movement fun 🤸‍♂️

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