Why Planks are so important to the core ?

Hey ?

Welcome to the month of Planks- ?oops I mean core….

Planks seem to be a back and forth thing – some people will say that’s the way to abs- others will say it’s a quick way to wreck your body.

I personally have teetered between those 2 views myself but alas I finally figured out what some of the keys are.

I love a good plank – full body burn & everything- they reel you in with the promise of sexy abs but what are planks really good for? How is the core affected and how can we make sure we get a full body engagement in a plank? ☝️

Planks are good for you but like other exercises they are very often done poorly & the compensations we create are what give planks their bad name at times.

In this video I cover some of the main reasons you should plank & they go way past the way you’ll look in a bikini- that’s just a welcome benefit! ?

I mean … think about it – the main muscles you are employing when you plank properly are the muscles that marry your top & bottom half. It’s probably a good thing if those 2 are connected – otherwise you’re like Phoebe on Friends when she gets shot in the butt with a dart- the 2 sides having no idea about each other ??

So grab some tea and come over to find out what doing planks correctly can do for your body here!☝️

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