{Fascial Lines you Need to Know for} Shoulder Mobility ?

So many questions lately about shoulder mobility & safety in Yoga!

As a result I figured this was a great topic for bringing us through April as the Spring air makes us want to handstand everywhere.

Keeping safe & mobile in the shoulders is a lot more complex than we give it credit for. This is made evident by the amount of fascial lines that cross & intertwine & increase the complexity of the shoulder joint!

This video is a SUPER simplified outline of 5 of the lines that I find super important for shoulder mobility & starting to think critically how what you do on one end of your body can affect the other end & I’m not talking’ food input & output {hehe}

These lines are:
* The Front Functional Fascial Line
* The Back Functional Fascial Line
* The Superficial Back Line
* The Spinal Fascial Line
* The Deep Front Line

So check out where these connect so you can start to think a little more critically about how these lines of pull affect your day to day movements. ??‍♀️

Then make sure you come back Friday for a Flow Friday so we can ? Sweat & Yoga through some of these movements!

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? Sweat & Radiance

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