The Essential Guide to the Best ✨ Fear Busting Books ✨ + My Next 40 Day Journey

Hey Sweaty Yogi Friends ✌️

I hope you’re having a fab month of June so far!

This #mindyourbeingmonday I’m sharing with you what my Plan is for my month of July (plus 9 days) and what I am hoping to get out of it!

I’ve been to retreats and I have seen some awesome shifts in my life – however, I’ve always been disappointed that I have never had a HUGE shift in my mindset or spiritual life happen all at once. {I am fully aware that the best shifts happen a little at a time – & I have had some amazing little shifts and signs but nothing major and life changing all at once!}

I love journaling so I am going to continue that but supplement it with May Cause Miracles 40 days!

🗺 I’m creating my own little roadmap to get those shifts – or at least I’m tryin’ to.

Come on over to instagram to check out my progress – and I will probably make a video or 2 during the process and one at the end! 🤸‍♂️

In this video I also put together my favourite Fear busting books {so far on my journey} and why I love them/ how they help.

🤸‍♂️ You are A Badass – Jen Sincero
🤸‍♂️ Body of Work – Pamela Slim
🤸‍♂️ Daring Greatly – Brene Brown
🤸‍♂️ The Confidence Code – Katty Kay & Claire Shipman
🤸‍♂️ 4 Hr Work Week {A little unconventional I know but watch the vid to find out why!} – Tim Ferriss
🤸‍♂️ Girl Code – Cara Alwill Leyba

So grab a cup o joe {or matcha or w/e is your jam} and pull up a chair – join me on a little chat

Oh! P.S. the #5daystofly – 5 Days to Crow free 5 day video series is here

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