🤸‍♀️ Let’s Book Club & Roll Out

Hey Sweaty Friend

However you got here! Welcome/ Welcome back! I am so so so excited to introduce something I have wanted to put together fo eva Girl!

I have been toying and talking to people- saying I may just do this. And now…

Drum roll please …🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

I am starting a Mind Body Soul Book Club!

I shall call him #bodyconnectbookclub and he shall be mine – he shall be my bookclub 🐠

I keep getting littered with “coles notes” versions of Self Help books but I want to do more than just skim these fab books!  I want to actually embody and understand the books. ✨Put the concepts into practice – examine them- you know – really UNDERSTAND them?!

I realized I binge on these types of books and then apply many of the concepts in my #yogaclasses so why not make it more “official” . Hey girl hey 💁

I mean I love gettin’ me some #bookclubbesties on top of my binge book reading.
I personally think to embody a concept we have to move with it {but I mean… I’m  a movement teacher so…. I may be bias 🤷‍♀️ } Walk and a good audiobook anyone?

Have you ever sat in a yoga class or been on a run and you hear a concept you’ve heard a bajillion times but all of a sudden it clicks???? Notice how often that happens in congruency with movement and you get why I want to marry all of these important concepts together right?

Now don’t stress- I’m still all about working out heavy but also being a little woo woo – this book club will be filled w much of the same! 💪🙏

Some classes and talks will be hard- some will be woo woo – some will be both- we’re just rollin with the punches.

Here is how its about to go down 🎤

Every 3 months we will pick a new body mind soul book
{some of them will cover more of one area than the other – let’s not kid ourselves – there aren’t too many books out there that touch on all 3 equality and well ✋}

In your e-mail {PS make sure you’re on the e-mail list here 👉http://sweatandyoga.com/bookclub } every Monday morning you will receive a new worksheet.

You will need about 2 hrs per week for the reading and completion of worksheets {this will depend on how quickly you read – #iamtheslowest 🙈 } plus whatever extra movement you feel compelled from the club to do. #absonfleek 💪

The goal is to have fun, work hard while connecting body, mind and soul.
Girl, I would like for you to carve out a bit of time before each class to #bodyconnect to answer these questions in your designated journal

✨ How do I feel in my body right now? ✨ What’s stressing me out? ✨ What’s going well for me right now? ✨ How is my body awareness & my breath?

Make sure you come on over to our closed FB community { http://sweatandyoga.com/fbcommunity }where we have extra questions and talk a little more on the topics of the week! There are no real rules – other than don’t be an asshole – no one likes one of them 💁.

Make sure you check out:

✨ The FB Community: http://sweatandyoga.com/fbcommunity

✨ Are on the E-mail list for the worksheets: http://sweatandyoga.com/bookclub

And before I forget girl☝️ – here are the things you will need so you can join us in the #bodyconnectbookclub. { full disclaimer – some of these are affiliate links to keep me producing these free videos 🎥 }

☝️The Roll Model book – doi – {can’t read without a book} purchase it directly from YTU here { http://sweatandyoga.com/rmmbook} . Or Amazon { http://sweatandyoga.com/amazonrmmbook }.
☝️Some balls to play around you can grab them on the YTU site here { http://sweatandyoga.com/allytuproducts } . Or Amazon here { http://sweatandyoga.com/amazonytukit } . I strongly suggest this kit { http://sweatandyoga.com/yturmmkit } but at the very least the originals  { http://sweatandyoga.com/amazonytuogs }.
☝️A yoga block or 2 { http://sweatandyoga.com/yogablocks }.
☝️A yoga strap { http://sweatandyoga.com/yogastrap }.
☝️A yoga mat { http://sweatandyoga.com/yogamat }.
☝️A designated journal
☝️A space where you can go internal

Alright girlfriend! I will see you on Monday for our first “official” talk

💦 Sweat & Radiance

Pants: http://sweatandyoga.com/product/forest-leggings/

Shirt: http://sweatandyoga.com/product/wine-bachelor-yoga-pants/

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means if you happen to make a purchase through one of the links, Sweat & Yoga will earn a small commission. Thanks so much for the support!

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